Shortystrap Tights

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Continue your sport activities, despite a GROIN PAINS, thanks to the SHORTYSTRAP

The SHORTYSTRAP works by using elastic straps to induce an adductor effect on the lower extremities. This adductor effect allows for the adductor muscles and the muscles from the pubic area to be partially rested, and for the running stride to be more balanced and less damaging to the pelvis

The SHORTYSTRAP is recommended for any pain coming from the pubic area in the context of physical and sports activity.

The SHORTYSTRAP allows for an immediate return to sports activity. It must be worn during each physical activity for 3 months, then every other time for prevention purposes.

The SHORTYSTRAP is the favorite product of the professional sportsmen (soccer, running, rugby, etc.) because it's the only product presenting guarantees of immediate efficiency with medical, scientific and physioes studies.

The SHORTYSTRAP is prescribed by many doctors, physioes of sport in France and all around the world.

The effect of bringing the lower extremities together, as in an adductor effect, is essential to the effectiveness of the SHORTYSTRAP. This effect must be felt immediately and it must be unquestionable. The SHORTYSTRAP will be positioned in order to assure a noticeable setting in tension of the elastic straps. (max down to the knee and max high to the navel)

To follow the table of measurements is imperative in order for the SHORTYSTRAP to be efficient and comfortable.

Your measurements (waist, pelvis, thigh) will determine the SHORTYSTRAP model, "+" or not. The Custom Made SHORTYSTRAP is made for those athletes whose measurements are not found in our tables, it allows for a choice of colors (Cf. Law IV FIFA), and it gives a maximum comfort.

The efficacy of the SHORTYSTRAP is immediate, the pain must go down noticeably, even disappear as soon as its first use. If this is not the case, please contact us to make sure that the size of the SHORTYSTRAP chosen is the right one.

If the pain persists, please consult a physician.

The SHORTYSTRAP + is adapted to the thigh muscles very developed by the professional sportsmen.

The SHORTYSTRAP + presents a cutting of the wider sub-pair of shorts compared with the SHORTYSTRAP.

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